Greeting From Kasuri Herbs and Spices. It is heartening to note that our group has created Kasuri Spices and Herbals to reach everyone. Our company has started in adversity sharing with you. covid-19 rocked the poor family or common family. During this period, we saw families who used to live with conditions of living. We have provided the necessary spices to meet the everyday needs from the lowest price for the entire country. Launched systematically.
Mr. Ashok Borana, Shan Solanki and myself have registered the company for the purpose of giving employment to many people for the national interest and their own business.
Hopefully all of you will reach 'Kasuri' at the top with your countless love.

-Rakesh Panwar

As a teenager, I always dreamt of earning name and fame by doing business that could make a difference in the society. Lately, I used to work as a Real Estate Sales Manager in Mumbai. But unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 epidemic & some family issues I had to quit my job & get relocated to my hometown. Being relocated to a different location, it was hard to find a good job that could help support my family. But at the same time, I had no time to cry over my situation and immediately had to start thinking what I could do with my knowledge and resources available at hand.
I had almost forgotten my dream of having a business of my own and my passion of serving people after doing 9 to 7 jobs for so many years.
It is rightly said that, "With every downfall comes a new opportunity to grab..."
After many intense discussions with my close friends & family, we found that we can make original and unique Masalas if we work together. Being from a family that was associated in farming, it was easy for us to get original quality masalas right from our very own fields to our manufacturing facility where we could process them and send for packaging. And this is how we found Kasuri, a company with an aim of giving employment to the needy in making spices of perfect blend and quality at best possible cost. With the kind of expertise and resources we are confident that you will love our products and like to be a part of our Kasuri family forever...

-@shok Borana

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